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‘Dukun’ to haunt Indonesian cinemagoers soon


KUALA LUMPUR: The thriller Dukun which terrified Malaysian audiences last April, and raked in a whopping RM10 million in 20 days, will soon be paying a visit to Indonesia.

Its producer, Astro Shaw head Najwa Abu Bakar said the movie about a brutal bomoh named Diana Dahlan might be screened in the vast republic in a month’s time.

“We’re stil in discussions with major Indonesian cinema companies, but it’ll definitely visit the country soon,” she said in an interview today.

Najwa added that a few other neighbouring countries were keen on having Dukun screened at their cinemas and cineplexes.

“It’s great news for us, and shows that Malaysian films can go global, provided they have great storylines and great actors and directors,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dukun actress Datin Seri Umie Aida tweeted yesterday that the film would be screened in Indonesia, and expressed confidence that it would be well-received.

She retweeted a message from Paradigm Films which said: “Malaysia’s controversial film Dukun will be screened in Indonesian cinemas real soon!”

Dukun netted RM1.5 million on its first day of screening, and Najwa said that the impressive collection from 120 cinemas in Malaysia and Brunei was its highest to date.

Besides Umie, the thriller which is directed by Daim Said stars Faizal Hussein, Namron, Bront Palarae, Hasnul Rahmat and Elyana Emrizal.

It had courted controversy after it was completed 12 years ago due to its graphic nature and macabre storyline said to be loosely based on an actual incident that contained elements of violence and superstition – the trial of bomoh

Mona Fandey in the early 1990s.


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