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Everyone has a right to highlight issues, says Adibah Noor


Singer-actress Adibah Noor was recently told to refrain from retweeting an issue of public interest by a Netizen known as Hayde Khir.

However, she reminded him that every citizen had a right to be interested and aware of such issues, and it would not be fair for her to “zip up” just because she was a celebrity.

Hayde tweeted on Monday that Adibah was a popular entertainer with lots of followers, and ought not to highlight or give her opinion on the recent arrest of lawyer and human rights activist Siti Kasim.

“I feel that Adibah should not highlight or comment on the arrest of Siti Kasim. It’s clear that the lawyer-activist obstructed police,” said Hayde.

To this Adibah politely replied: “I’m merely following discussions on this topic, so that’s why I retweeted the latest news on her. I’d like to thank you for calling me a popular artiste, not a publicity-seeking one, but I don’t think you should be giving me orders.”

Hayde subsequently apologised to Adibah and tweeted: “Sorry if I sounded like I was giving you orders. I felt that the discussion was unfair to religious scholars.”

Siti Kasim was detained in Kajang last Saturday for allegedly kidnapping her client from a hospital and obstructing police from carrying out their duties.

Police confirmed that her client Anis Izatty Ruslan was rescued from a condominium in Segambut.

Anis’ mother had made a police report last Thursday, claiming that the lawyer had abducted her daughter who was undergoing psychiatric treatment at Kajang Hospital.

Siti Kasim allegedly met her client at the hospital, and took her to the condominium, but police who feared that Anis would injure herself forced open the door and took her back to the hospital.

Police released Siti Kasim on Sunday after the Magistrate’s Court in Kajang rejected an application for a remand order against her.

In a statement on Monday, the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) viewed with concern allegations of police impropriety in the arrest of Siti Kasim.

The EAIC said it would determine whether police had followed the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in arresting the lawyer.

Siti Kasim has been critical of the former Barisan Nasional government as well as state religious departments.


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