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Rannaghar’ to focus on healthy lifestyle

Popular cookery show ‘Rannaghar’ is gearing up to be more ‘healthier’ these days. The show will telecast special episodes on healthy recipes that might help to manage body weight. In these episodes, special recipes will be shown which are tasty yet doesn’t include much calories.

The popular show is being hosted by actress Aparajita Auddy.

Keeping the trend of healthy lifestyle alive, the show wants to show healthier dishes. According to a report by WHO, 60% of related factors to individual health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle. Maintaining a balanced diet is important to manage weight too.

Now ‘Rannaghar’ too wants to focus on this issue and air special episode on this issue. The show wants to hook more viewers, especially the younger generation, who are quite conscious about their calorie intakes.

Last month the show had special episodes on the recipes that need no oil. Similarly, the show has also aired special episodes on vegetables which are nutritious.


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